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Meaningful romance without everyday commitment

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The dating site by Helen Croydon, journalist, broadcaster and author of Screw The Fairytale

Screw the fairytale

intro is for independent-minded singles who want to find loving but non-demanding partners. We are not a no-strings website. Friends-with-benefits this is not. We are a platform for contented singletons who want to find genuine romance with chemistry, friendship and respect, without the five-times-a-week demands of a conventional relationship.

Maybe your job involves travel or you are focussed on an important career goal? Maybe you have child commitments from a previous relationship or you just enjoy your freedom and occasional time alone? That shouldn’t mean you have to settle for an endless stream of meaningless flings. Members of are like-minded singletons with interesting and full lives. They want to experience a magical spark with someone they care about, but won’t be looking to move in after a few months.

Helen Croydon
More About Part Time Love

This site was started by British author and journalist Helen Croydon. She came up with the concept of the ‘part-time relationship' in her latest book Screw the Fairytale: A Modern Guide to Sex and Love.

Through research and interviews, Helen found thousands of single people who expressed a desire to fall in love, but daunted by the demands of the typical relationship: Commitment demands that you share a bed, merge your holidays, spend every Sunday together. No wonder so many relationships fail with such a job-description.

Helen wanted to provide a dating site for people to enjoy a meaningful and lasting love affair without having to sacrifice their existing lifestyles.

Helen Croydon writes for all the UK national newspapers including The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and several magazines. She is best known for her immersive journalism and strong opinion pieces on modern relationships. She regularly appears as a commentator on TV and radio including ITV This Morning, Sky News, Lorraine, Newsnight and The Alan Titchmarsh Show. has generated a media buzz. You can read some of the features on our media page


"Wish I'd found a site like this sooner! I have found a wonderful weekend lover. He asks for no more and the times we spend together are magical." Leah, 38

"I've been married and had a family before. I'm glad I did it and got the t-shirt but I don't want to do that again but I'd still love to meet a special girl to care for." Jay, 47

“I work abroad for two weeks every month and I can’t expect most girlfriends to put up with that. here I hope to meet someone independent with her own life who doesn’t mind that I have to be away and actually maybe quite likes it!” Jeremy, 39