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Meaningful romance without everyday commitment

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The dating site by Helen Croydon, journalist, broadcaster and author of Screw The Fairytale

Screw the fairytale

intro offers a realistic model of dating for the modern world. It's for people who want to fall in love without it consuming their life. It's about chemistry and closeness but not about moving in and merging your diaries.

Lives are busier and more varied than they've ever been. Chances are, if you're single, you've filled your leisure time with a huge network of friends, sport, hobbies and other fun stuff. Or maybe you are in a crucial stage of building your career. The demands of conventional coupledom usually requires you to give all that up to see your new beaux five times a week. And who wants that?

Members of are like-minded independent singles who want genuine romance minus the supermarket shops and lunch with in-laws. We're not a no-strings site for flings and one-night stands. We are a platform where interesting people across Australia can find a loving and exciting relationship with a non-demanding partner.

Helen Croydon
More About Part Time Love

This site was started by British author and journalist Helen Croydon. She coined the phrase 'part-time relationship' in her latest book Screw the Fairytale: A Modern Guide to Sex and Love. She argues that the demands of conventional relationships are unrealistic in the modern world, where we live more independent lives.

Helen interviewed hundreds of couples and individuals who'd found alternative solutions to love than 24-7 coupledom including married couples who live apart, open relationships, asexuals, co-parents and sperm donor mothers. She found there is a growing breed of singleton who wants to find romance but finds the traditional idea of commitment too stifling.

Since then has grown in popularity and is now live in the UK, America and Australia. It's generated a media buzz on all continents. You can read some of the feature on our media page


"Wish I'd found a site like this sooner! I have found a wonderful weekend lover. He asks for no more and the times we spend together are magical." Leah, 38

"I've been married and had a family before. I'm glad I did it and got the t-shirt but I don't want to do that again but I'd still love to meet a special girl to care for." Jay, 47

“I work abroad for two weeks every month and I can’t expect most girlfriends to put up with that. here I hope to meet someone independent with her own life who doesn’t mind that I have to be away and actually maybe quite likes it!” Jeremy, 39